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Book your Yard Party Vancouver greeting today!

Thank you for your interest and booking a greeting with Yard Party Vancouver. Please note that your booking is not confirmed by submitting this form. Please complete and we will contact you via email as soon as possible.

Booking requests will be taken in the order they are received. Pricing can be found under the pricing tab. 

We do our best to fill all orders with your preferred choices based on inventory availability. 

Install times are:

  • Between 6:00am -10:00am the day of the event  (great for after work or after school surprise

  • Between 7pm & 9pm- the night before for a morning surprise! space is limited

Best practice is to have the blinds closed and TV/Music volume up slightly. The sign display will be in your yard for 20-24 hrs (if installed the night before) or 10-12hrs if installed during the day.  Pick ups are done after dark between 8:00pm-10:00pm. Please advise if a later pick up is required. 

Signs can only be installed on grass or soil. We cannot install on artificial turf or river rock. Yard Party Vancouver is a rental service, clients do not get to keep the signs. 

We do have stand rentals available

( $40) If there is no grass

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